Fish Scale Remover

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Fish Scale Remover


Having to scale fish freshly bought or caught is no simple feat. You will get scales flying everywhere and create lots of mess. Cleaning up will be so tedious as the scales can fly up to as high as your ceiling and just get stuck up there.

Worry no more with our state-of the art, revolutionary Fish Sale Remover/Cleaner with lid, scaling is just a breeze, no more flying scales and they all get collected inside this built-in container with lid safely.


 Fish Scale Remover are used For Fast Kitchen Food Prep, Durable and easy to clean! Made from stainless steel for strength and to prevent corrosion. Quality construction and durability! This heavy duty stainless steel fish scaler makes it easy to prepare your fish for cooking. Serrated teeth will last for many uses. multi-function tool! Reverse side of scaler features a lightly sharpened blade for additional scale or skin removal, and other slicing or peeling, as needed.

 Clean modern design means it will fit in any kitchen, but tough enough to carry in the tackle box as well!. Scrapes away scales without heavy exertion. The handle is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. Economic grip handle means  less effort and less mess!.

  • Durable  Plastic  Eco-Friendly Scale  Remover
  • Ships anywhere in the US- 12 to 15 days max
  • For all you seafood  lovers
  • * Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.*