Sushi Mold Maker Kit

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Sushi Maker

With the rise in living standards and health consciousness, people have come to prefer lighter and healthier foods. Japanese food is becoming increasingly more popular because it is light, uses only the freshest ingredients, and contains virtually no fats or oils. Of the many types of healthful Japanese foods, sushi is the most popular. With the guidance of outstanding masters of Japanese cooking we have devised the easiest way for you to prepare your own sushi at home. The 5-in-1 miracle Sushi Maker will let you make delicious, professional quality sushi with appearances even the greatest Sushi chefs would admire. The 5-in-1 miracle mold Sushi Master will let you prepare Heart shaped sushi as well as large, small, square, round, and triangular shaped sushi at home!


  •  Plastic
  •  Eco - Friendly
  • Ships anywhere in the US - 12 to 25 days max






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